CyberConnect 2 Announces Solarobo

CyberConnect 2 Announces Solarobo

Japanese developer CyberConnect2 appear the aboriginal data today on Solarobo, a new apprentice activity bold and the aboriginal Nintendo DS appellation in the studio’s history. It’s set to be appear in Japan from Namco Bandai Games; no US barrage has been announced psp games.

Released to admire the 15th ceremony of CyberConnect2′s founding, Solarobo boasts a gameplay and beheld appearance actual abutting to Tail Concerto (above), a 1998 PlayStation appellation that was the studio’s aboriginal bold ever. “I’m not badinage if I say that this game’s been in apperception for 10 years and in development for three,” CC2 arch Hiroshi Matsuyama told Famitsu annual this week. “Crazy, isn’t it? Three years for a Nintendo DS game! I’m afflicted Namco Bandai waited that continued for us.”

The bold is set in a apple composed of amphibian islands, one area dog-like and cat-like humanoid breed accept affiliated calm to actualize an avant-garde civilization. As apparent in the fully-animated (created by anime flat Madhouse), you play Red Savarin, a compensation hunter who works with his sister Chocolat and DAHAK-AZI03, his air-conditioned claimed robot, to yield on jobs and bolt his targets.

Like Tail Concerto, Solarobo is a 3D activity bold area Red spends a lot of of his time on his mech advancing enemies. “You action battles while aerodynamics your robot, but the DAHAK doesn’t accept any weapons,” Matsuyama commented. “You use it to aces up big things and bandy them, or grab adversary missiles out of the air and bandy them back, and so on. You can aswell aces up and bandy the enemies themselves and accident them that way. It’s easier to do this if you can get abaft their aback and brew the DS buttons, but it’s a difficult assignment from the front.”

Solarobo is due out by the end of the year in Japan.

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