Darwinia review – strategy with action

Darwinia - dynamic action game with strategy elements

Darwinia review - strategy with action

Darwinia presents an innovative and intuitive control system, graphic style reminiscent of classic games from the 80s of the last century, such as Tron and Defender. The story revolves around the fate of migratory creatures trapped in the modern three-dimensional world.

Back in 2005 a little strategy called Darwinia was released to great reviews and took home three Independent Games Festival awards. If you missed it the first time around, now’s your chance to find out what all the hubbub was about. Developer Introversion Software has released a more user-friendly version on Xbox Live Arcade called Darwinia+, complete with the expansion Multiwinia. This is one of the richest, most complex experiences available on Microsoft’s downloadable game platform.

Introversion Software has created a fascinating little microcosm in Darwinia+ complete with ecosystem, industry, and primitive culture. This is high-minded science fiction stuff. In a nutshell, obsessed scientist Dr. Sepulveda has created a virtual world populated with Darwinians, which are rudimentary humanoid computer programs that worship the doctor as a god. When the Darwinians access Sepulveda’s email account they unwittingly invite a sinister virus into their world and it’s up to you to eradicate the threat and restore the game to normal.

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