Films That Inspired Mass Effect

We’ve come to a point in mainstream fiction, it would seem, where we’ve stopped inventing new ideas and started to re-contextualize old ones. It’s not that we’ve reached the outer boundaries of our imagination so much as we’ve settled into a healthy technological lull. Where The Matrix was initially praised for its view of virtual reality at a time when real-world ingenuity suggested its potential, there have been few such corollaries in the following years. To some degree, it’s as if we’re waiting for that next leap forward, that as-of-yet unimagined bit of inventiveness that will propel our minds further into the future and farther out into space psp games.


In the meantime, storytellers have constructed their sci-fi universes largely out of borrowed imagery and familiar concepts, and after hundreds of films and thousands of hours of TV spent within the genre, how could they not? The hit Mass Effect certainly built its new world on old foundations, and as we play through its epic and hugely engaging narrative, more and more we’re noticing the various homages and visual influences from some of our other favorite sci-fi properties. We thought it might be fun to point out a few and see which ones you might be able to spot as you take Commander Shepard on his apparent suicide mission in Mass Effect 2.

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