GamePro annual surfaced

The internet was all a-buzz today if the new awning of GamePro annual surfaced. On the cover, neatly tucked abreast the top, floated the Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions psp games.

Now, it is not account that there is a new Spider-Man appellation advancing down the pike (reportedly ancient in 2010), but the actualization of the name has acquired absolutely a stir. Why is this news? Because no one anticipation Batman: Arkham Asylum would be able to accomplish the akin of superior it did, and accordingly we accept all been accustomed hope. Hope, you say? Yes achievement ? achievement that a Spider-Man appellation can do the same. So can it?

What do you think? Can Spidey do what Bruce did? Are you aflame for a new Spider-Man title? What do you anticipate of the name? Sound off below!!!

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