Gaming Hollywood Style

As videogames become more ingrained in our culture, they pop up more often films, literature, and television. Nowadays, most big-budget Hollywood projects write name-brand games into their scripts when called for. And we’ve even seen studios make films based on games, for whatever reason. But there was a time when gaming was such a niche hobby that it made more sense for writers to make up a rather than license a real one. In fact, that still happens from time to time today, usually with hilarious results psp games.


If you’re like us, you make a special effort whenever you see a made-up game on TV to assure your annoyed viewing partner that there’s no such game as World of Witchcraft. To help catalog the universe’s ever-expanding list of made-up videogames on TV and in movies, we’ve started a list of these fake titles to browse at your leisure. We’ve kept it fairly brief to start, but we’re counting on you to let us know what needs to make the list next.


Oh, and one more thing. SPOILER ALERT. This article contains plot details that could spoil movies and TV shows you may not have seen. You have been warned.

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