German Online Games Studio gamigo Opening NY Office

Hamburg, Germany-based gamigo AG, one of the leading games companies in Europe known for games like Fiesta and Snowbound, is now expanding into North America with a new office in New York City. The plan is to enter the North American online games market in the second quarter of this year. With a New York office, gamigo will be able to contact and collaborate with and media partners directly, the company said psp games.

Patrick Streppel, executive member of the board, commented, “This New York office is a continuation of our international expansion. Thanks to the experience we have gained over the past few years in Europe, we are very well-equipped to tackle the North American market. Top-quality products planned for global publication will be announced and presented at the GDC.”

2009 was also a great growth year for gamigo, the company noted. Over the last 12 months, gamigo more than tripled its employees, while sales grew 233%. This apparently “makes gamigo one of the fastest-growing corporations in the booming online gaming market, firmly among the Top 3 in its market segment.”

In related gamigo expansion news, the company has recently decided to extend its business into the social gaming sphere. The company just took its first step with the release of Jade Tales, a fantasy RPG developed by Crafty, on Facebook.ΓΏ “With more than 6.7 million users in Germany alone, Facebook is of course also extremely important for the gaming industry. Naturally, it is only logical for gamigo, as one of the most successful gaming brands in Europe, to enter the realm of social media networks,” said Streppel. “The first step has been made successfully with Jade Tales; more games will follow in the near future.?

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