Its Official PS3 The Heaviest Animate Ever

Former Sony Computer Entertainment arch Ken Kutaragi (above) would assuredly be admiring as bite to apperceive that the PlayStation 3 has clearly been declared by Weekly Famitsu annual to be the heaviest section of bold accouterments anytime appear in the history of mankind psp games.

The aboriginal PS3 model, launched in November 2006, tips the scales at just over 11 pounds, or 5 kilograms. That puts it way aloft the aboriginal Xbox, which was ridiculed afore its 2001 barrage for its astronomic admeasurement admitting belief “only” 8.6 pounds.

Sony may accept the endure laugh, about — the new PS3 Slim weighs a bare 7.05 pounds, authoritative it just a cleft lighter than the Xbox 360 and its 7.9 pounds of girth.

(In case you’re curious, the lightest bold animate anytime appear was Nintendo’s Bold Micro (2005), which weighs in at alone 80 grams/2.82 ounces.)

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