Mass Effect Digital Comics Free Today Only

Mass Effect Digital Comics Free Today Only

Mass Effect Digital Comics Free Today Only

The four released Mass Effect digital comics have been made available as free downloads for today only, Dark has announced.

Redemption builds up to the events of Mass Effect 2, whilst Evolution details the history of the Cerberus organisation and the origins of the Illusive Man.

The one day promotion also includes a seven-page preview of the upcoming Invasion series, which ties into Mass Effect 3.

Pulsating and thrilling, interactive story where you choose how to roll your unique story. Gather the crew aboard the SSV Normandy, the most advanced ship of the galaxy, and go to distant and unexplored layouts stellar.

During his trip you know a lot of intriguing characters, each with its own history. Operate a powerful weapon and improve it with various additives to create new, destructive ways to fight enemies. All of exciting action and all your decisions are the culmination of a heroic battle with the greatest threat in history

The fate of the galaxy lies in your hands – how you decide to fight for him?

It’s a great offer for Mass Effect fans yet to read the comics, but there’s one snag – pretty much no one has been able to access the Dark Horse website since the offer went live.

We apologies for all the issues people are encountering with getting the comics. We have had overwhelming response to our giveaway, and it is causing some extreme lag in accessing the site, as well as the comics, commented Dark Horse. If you are having issues getting through, please keep trying and have patience.

This is the link you want when it eventually starts working again. We’ve also tried obtaining the comics from the Dark Horse store via its iPhone/iPod app, but server issues are preventing this from working too.

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