MGS Peace Walker LE Backpack Revealed

Recently, on their able-bodied catholic blog, Sony Computer Entertainment of America appear the Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP Entertainment Pack psp games.

Included in the pack, which will alone appear with the PSP 3000 ?not the PSP Go, are the following:

??pirited Green?PSP-3000 system

?Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker bold on UMD

?PlayStation Network downloadable agenda for appropriate in-game agreeable which will be apart at the alpha of the game

?PlayStation Network downloadable cine agenda (US association only); appellation TBD

?2GB Stick PRO Duo

The Entertainment Backpack will be accessible in the US and Canada on June 8th, forth ancillary the absolution of the , and will amount a simple $199. So if you like to bastard and you like some Snake, you ability wanna analysis this out!!

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