Mobile Devices Could Replace Consoles Says Carmack

Mobile Devices Could Replace Consoles Says Carmack

id Software’s John Carmack envisages a future where, instead of having an Xbox or PlayStation, you have a device – like Apple’s iPad – which can ‘talk’ to the TV, offering the same experiences as a console would.

Platform wise, you could certainly imagine a future where, instead of having your console, you have your mobile device and it talks to your TV and when you want the experience on your big screen with the surround sound coming out of there, it’s still on the same device, Carmack told Industry Gamers.

It’s an interesting idea – similar in a sense to what Nintendo is doing with the Wii U. Carmack also believes mobile devices will become more powerful than current generation consoles in a few short years.

It’s unquestionable that within a very short time, we’re going to have portable cell phones that are more powerful than the current-gen consoles, he explained. People have exaggerated the relative powers – the iPad2 is not more powerful than the 360. It’s still a factor of a couple weaker. But the fact that it’s gotten that close that fast – that means that almost certainly, 2 years from now, there will be mobile devices more powerful than what we’re doing all these fabulous games on right now.

So I do wonder if the mobile might get more and more of that going for them, where it provides a good enough experience for [most people] – there’s a whole spectrum of people and there’s a whole spectrum of game concepts and directions.

You have the completely casual people that have no interest in buying a PS3. And then you’ve got the hard core people who want to sit down all weekend and stay in a position where they can get 20 hours of gameplay in. Analysi

sIt would be handy, wouldn’t it Having a phone or tablet, that could play games on the move – on the train or bus – but then ‘talk’ to your TV in such a way that it can offer the same game, but on the big screen with surround sound and all that jazz. This takes convergence to an all new level, and you can already see similar ideas taking shape with the PS Vita and Wii U.

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Mobile Devices Could Replace Consoles Says Carmack

Mobile Devices Could Replace Consoles Says Carmack

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