No DLC plans for Bastion

No DLC plans for Bastion

Supergiant Games made the it intended to make.

There will be no DLC released to extend critically acclaimed Xbox LIVE RPG Bastion, Supergiant Games creative director Greg Kasavin has confirmed to The Morton Report.

We have no plans to extend the game in that way, said Kasavin when asked about DLC. As I was saying before, we held nothing back. It’s meant to be a complete story, so there are no obvious extensions.

We of course intend to continue supporting the game and I guess you could call something like the Portal turrets DLC. We’ll continue looking at things like that which we could do, but that’s it.

Earlier in the interview Kasavin explained that Bastion is everything the team wanted it to be.

What I can say is that it’s the game we intended to make, Kasavin said. We’re happy with how it turned out. Looking back on what we wanted to accomplish and the feedback we’ve gotten, it’s lined up very nicely. There are no features we wish we could have added. We pushed ourselves really hard to make that possible and I think we did it.

Bastion is out now for Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC via Steam. The game earned a stonking 9/10 in our Bastion review.

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No DLC plans for Bastion

No DLC plans for Bastion

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