WiiWare Capsule Reviews Week of February 22 2010

The Wii library continues to grow. With so many unique design opportunities afforded by its motion-capable controllers, the ridiculous sales success that’s put a system in millions upon millions of homes across the world and the the fact that new, young studios can break into the action more easily now than ever before, it’s easy to understand why that software total keeps on climbing. Nintendo’s digital destination, the Wii Shop, is expanding particularly quickly — thanks to it serving as a virtual sandbox for creators to incorporate the Wii’s capabilities into downloadable titles. Or maybe it’s just an easy way to get simple Wii ideas into gamers’ hands without going the much more expensive retail route psp games.

So with so many new titles flooding into the Wii Shop each week — and with Wii owners having the ability to easily and immediately download the games for themselves — we’ve decided to approach the latest batch of new arrivals a bit differently than the usual software review structure. We’re going to cover each of this week’s new WiiWare releases in shorter, more concise reviews. And instead of applying our ten point scale to these games, we’ll break them down into one of two choices:

Get It! — This is one of the great games in the Wii Shop, and you can be sure that you’ll have a good time with it.

Skip It! — Pretty much a waste of time or waste of cash. We can appreciate all sorts of WiiWare games, but these are those you can be comfortable just leaving alone.

There will also be the occasional downloadable game that really knocks our socks off. For the absolute cream of the crop, something that just can’t be missed, we’ll note it with a Love It!!! seal of approval. And some more major WiiWare releases will still warrant full, focused, in-depth reviews — we’ll point those out when they come along. Now, with all that said, on to this week’s new releases.

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